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Kilkenny, Ireland

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My work is narrative but I try to have it rooted in strong ideas. Every element of the image has a purpose that strongly relates to the brief it is supposed to serve.

When I set off in search of my style, I ended up working in two main directions:

The first one had to do with the creative aspect of illustration. A passion for Cinema and Comics are what made me an image maker in the first place, and it is with them as inspiration that I developed a visual language that I can wholeheartedly say is my own way of seeing things.

The second direction had to do with the actual process of producing the image. Traditional relief printing gave me the key to make sense of what I was doing digitally. To the point that they've become almost interchangeable.

It was in an interview to Zina Saunders that I heard for the first time "Digicut" referred to her digital woodcut work. I immediately adopted the term to describe mine.

I am a member of Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators.

Here is a step-by-step video of one illustration I was asked to do for OFFSET which shows part of the process.
Some recent Recognition
Longlisted World Illustration Awards 2020 (UK)
Shortlisted Communication Arts Illustration Competition 2020 (US)
Honorable Mention at 3x3 Professional Illustration Show 2019 (US)
Shortlisted Irish Times/The Comics Lab short Graphic Story Competition 2019 (IRL)
Shortlisted Observer/Comica/JonathanCape short Story Competition 2017 (UK)
Finalist IDI Awards. Illustration. 2017 (IRL)
Shortlisted The Association of Illustrators (UK) 2014 Awards.
3 Honorable Mentions at 3x3 Professional Illustration Show 2014 (US)
Some Exhibitions

Over the years I have always enjoyed showing some of my work to the more general public. These are some highlights of the most recent exhibitions:
THE STATE OF US - IGI exhibition. The Chocolate Factory. June 2017
PIN UPS - Dublin Bowie Festival - With Peter Donnelly, Steve Doogan, Roger O'Reilly, Lauren O'Neill and Matt Griffin. January 2017
NONE OF THE ABOVE - Alé Mercado & Steven Aylin - Dean Street, Arts Office Kilkenny County Council. August 2016

Interpreting Yeats - Blackstack Studio and Grennan Mill, Kilkenny, Ireland. August 2015

Alé Mercado Solo Show - CCPS, Cork, Ireland. June 2015

The Art Of Superstition - Illustrators Ireland. 2014
All works © Alé Mercado 2020.

Phone 00353 86 172 3751

A member of Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators
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